Hawthorne Radio Episode 10

Hawthorne Radio Episode 10 is here on SoundCloud & iTunes!

Episode 10! Feels kinda milestoney! Back to the gangster vintage soul. Ain’t nothin’ like it. Some classics, plus a few rarities.

Executive Suite “I’m A Winner Now”
The Impressions “I’m So Proud”
The Mad Lads “Make Room”
Archie Bell & The Drells “When You Left The Heartache Began”
Nooney Rickett “Player, Play On”
Wanda McDaniels “Gangster Boy”
Universal Minds “A Chance at Love”
Jackie Dee “Who”
Sly & The Family Stone “Running Away”
The Soul Attractions “I Forgot”
Jorge Darden “Alone Again”
Major Lance “Hey Little Girl”
Ben Monroe “Broken Home”

If you haven’t checked out episodes 1 thru 9, get on that!