Hawthorne Radio Episode 16

Hawthorne Radio is back with episode 16. Check out the hosted Hawthorne Radio Hour on iTunes and Google Play now.

The Dynamics “What A Shame”
Betty Padgett “It Would Be A Shame”
The Sylvers “I’ll Never Be Ashamed”
Delroy Wilson “It’s A Shame”
Freddie Gibbs (feat. BJ The Chicago Kid) “Shame”
Gang Starr “No Shame In My Game”
Wu-Tang Clan “Shame On A N***a”
Major Lance “Ain’t It a Shame”
Kenny Wells “Isn’t It Just A Shame”
Shirley & Co “Shame Shame Shame”
The Rolling Stones “What a Shame”
The Kinks “Such a Shame”
The B-52’s “Ain’t It a Shame”
Smashing Pumpkins “Shame”
Beastie Boys “Putting Shame In Your Game”
The Cryin Shames “Please Stay”