Mayer Hawthorne x Shitaro Sakamoto = Record Store Day

mayer shintaro US

Record Store Day is a celebration of the independent record stores and the unique culture surrounding them. This year, Mayer will be releasing TWO* very unique pieces in support of Record Store Day. The first piece we’re announcing is a split 45 with acclaimed Japanese artist Shintaro Sakamoto. Mayer is a big fan of Sakamoto’s work and is excited to announce this unprecedented collaboration. The record will include Mayer’s English translation of Shintaro Sakamoto’s song “In A Phantom Mood” on the A side and Sakamoto’s Japanese translation of Mayer’s “Wine Glass Woman” on the B side. Listen to Shintaro Sakamoto’s original version of “In A Phantom Mood” here. Please visit and reach out to your local independent record store to check availability.

*more info about the second Record Store Day release coming soon.